2015 Toyota Corolla Msrp: The Powerful Sedan to Drive Down

Toyota is the biggest car manufacturer in the world. This produced several great car series for the needs of market. It released Toyota Corolla in the market in 2015 stealing the interest of customers.

This car is one of the smallest and roomiest cars in the market. The sedan has several great features with the best seats for relaxing the legs in the car. What can you expect from 2015 Toyota Corolla Msrp?


Offering Models and Features of Corolla Msrp

Toyota offers several models in 2015 Corolla. The models are L, LE, LE eco, and S trim level. Those model series are continued to the level of Plus and premium package for that car series. Corolla LE adds an upgrading trim interior added automatic weather control with dust filter. The seats are adjustable, telescoping tilt steering, keyless entry, and cruise control. An infotainment system with touch screen includes in this car version together with sophisticated sound production and camera. Meanwhile, Corolla LE involves wiper variables, and 16 inch wheel. It is completed by fuel power train and aerodynamic for maximum fuel efficiency.


Providing Fuel Efficiency

2015 Toyota Corolla Msrp with manual transmission is EPA – rated to get 28 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the street. Corolla L is empowered by 4 – speed automatic and drop number to produce 27 mpg and 36 mpg. Meanwhile, Corolla LE and S expect 29 mpg in the city up to 38 mpg on the street. Corolla LE Eco is the most economical fuel from Toyota Corolla series. The reached number takes 30 mpg to the highest one 42 mpg.


Being Embedded Safety and Technology

All 2015 Toyota Corolla for L basic version are completed by the standard camera. Corolla doesn’t offer additional safety technology and standard sets including 8 air bags and Smart Stop Technology designed to desirable speed. Bluetooth connectivity is standard for all 2015 Corolla. The screen system and infotainment features are included in 2015 Toyota Corolla Msrp.


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