2017 Toyota Tacoma Redesign Review

Toyota is always innovative and 2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign is the prove. This amazing car is upgraded to the completely different level including on the styling, engine, a brand new interior inside the car. The car is now one of the most sought new car across the world. Released this summer, many people already know that the price of this car will stay low. The base model of this Toyota Tacoma is approximately USD 24,320 and the high end model will be sold to public worth USD 40,960. Below is more review about the 2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign.

  1. The Interior

Inside the car, you can see that there are many improvements. First of all, it is the soft plastic dashboard. The dashboard is gorgeous looking and really sleek. The car is also completed by better seats and under that, you can find waterproof mats on the floor. You will get full equipments including the audio system with USB connectivity that has 4 speakers, adjustable front seats, and also the amazing multifunctional steering wheel.

  1. The Exterior

Seen from the outside, the car is really sturdy looking. It has dashing hexagonal grille and also slim headlights to give it the impression of sturdiness. The car is basically looking more muscular than ever and it is probably caused by the usage of 16 inches stock wheels in this car. Basically, it is very amazing looking and very manly. It is perfect for anyone aiming for masculinity.

  1. Under the Hood

The engine used by this car is the standard 2.7 liter inline 4. With this engine, you will be able to get 180 to 190 horsepower from your car. The car is completed by brand new 6 speed automatic gearbox. It is not stopping there because this 2017 Toyota Tacoma redesign also completed by rear wheel drive.

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