5 Car Rentals where You Can Get Military Discount

Military discount is a special discount that offered only to customers who are active in military service, reservist, retired military personnel, military employees, military spouses, veterans or dependents. Military discount is one way to appreciate their services to country. Nowadays, more and more businesses offer military discount to their customers including military discount car rental.

The common reason why businessmen offer military discount is because they want to increase people’s impression to their company. Company with military discount often receive positive impression which can be lead to loyalty. National statistic said that military families travel over 5x than the average families and go to vacations 3x than the average families. For car rental companies, this means instead of losing money, they can gain more profits. Moreover, they can get solid customer base.

Of course, not all car rentals offer military discount. Here are five car rentals we know that will give military discount to military community.

  1. Alamo offers few options of military discount rates and other benefits which you should not miss if you are included in military community.
  2. Budget will give you 20% discount rates for renting their truck.
  3. Sixt will give 5% off car rental prices for any military and government personnel.
  4. Avis offer various kind of benefits any military personnel.
  5. Penske will discount rates up to 20% for any military personnel.

A statistic research found that 75% military community members prefer to use military discount for online transaction than transaction in the physical stores. You can rent a vehicle in these 5 stores via online. Renting a car via online can save you more money, times, and energies. Don’t be shy to use military discount car rental. It is your rights as military personnel to use military discounts.

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