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Waiting for the 2018 Infiniti Q100

One of the most awaited cars across the years is the 2018 Infiniti Q100. This car is an incredibly stunning car with sleek and elegant body, dashing interior, powerful engine, and of course overall performance.

2018 Infiniti Q100

There is a rumor that this car is going to be one of the fastest cars. It is because the weight of the car is so low and that is why it can support the car to go faster. If you are interested in 2018 Infiniti Q100, below is the review for you.

The Exterior of the Car

When you are looking at the car for the first time, you will start notice the slightly long silhouette of the car. It looks very classic yet loaded by modern twist. It is so good on the eyes because the color of the car us matching with the shining alloy near the tires. The headlights are formed beautifully and placed just to be the focal point of the front area of the car. Basically, it is great looking car that you need to have someday.

The Interior of the Car

Getting inside the car, you can see that the arrangement of the dashboard and the entertainment system is quite unique. However, you can see that the seats are well arranged and neatly covered by leather covers. It is smooth, sleek, and very comfortable. This car supports unlimited entertainment system including the stereo system and the USB connected entertainment system.

The Engine of the Car

This car is using twin-turbo V6 motor as the engine. You now know what makes the car is really stunning in term of performance. That kind of engine can produce high quality speed and you can drive in your car with ease. If you want a new car, you can wait for the release of 2018 Infiniti Q100.