First Time Car Buyer Programs

First Time Car Buyer Programs are designer for you who is going to buy an auto for the first time. Buying a car is not like just buying it without consideration. You probably are going to need the loan. And this program is the loan program for you who want to buy a car for the first time. Do not worry because this type of loan comes with pretty low rates and the adjustable terms.

Plan should also come first since it is pretty important. Plan also makes the surprise (of unwanted things) can be prevented since you are going to buy your first auto. The First Time Car Buyer Programs are commonly offered by the dealers or lender companies. And when you apply for the loan, you should read the guidelines so you can get the loan after all. Some of the lenders could be so friendly and professional at the same time. And do not forget to find the highly-experienced lender with good track record in this kind of stuff. Other than that, you need to know that there are several points of qualification you have to note if you are going to apply for this loan. The qualifications are such as:

  • You are 18 years old or above and can repay the money
  • You are an employee that has one year of work in minimum term or hace the qualified co-signer
  • You have good credit report (if you have one)
  • The monthly income should be 1,000 US dollars in minimum
  • The monthly payment should not more than 20% of your gross income as well as the premium of insurance
  • You have the auto insurance required proof
  • The maximum number for loan is 15,000 US dollars
  • The maximum terms are 72 months from the first date you pay the loan from First Time Car Buyer Programs

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