How to Calculate Ford A-Plan Pricing

 For every Ford car series, the company always offer them in different Ford “Plan”. There are four Plans available, A-, Z-, X-, and D-Plan. Each Plan has specific target group or individuals and different pricing. For example, Ford A Plan pricing is considered the cheapest among other Plan, though we still confuse with the pricing look like.

So, in this article we are going to learn how to calculate Ford A Plan pricing to check whether it is really the best deal or not.

Ford employees get the most benefit from Ford A Plan since this car series are intended for them. Therefore, its pricing has bigger discount than other Plan cars. This is the formula to calculate the real Ford A Plan pricing:

Invoice – Holdback – Advertising Fee + $275 Program Fee

For example, you have interest with Ford Focus SE which has invoice price $20,754.29, Holdback price $630, and advertisement fee $420. If you calculate by following the formula above, you’ll get the price $19.979.29 for Ford A Plan. Ford A Plan will be much cheaper than dealer price since it doesn’t have hidden fees anymore like holdback and advertisement fee which are usually built-in in the dealer price.

Though Ford A Plan pricing is cheaper than other Plan, we still can negotiate for more cutting price. Get multiple quotes from several car dealer, so you know what the average price in your local area. Find the trusted dealer and ask him for the eligibility of certain Ford’s Plan. If you interest with Ford A Plan pricing, you should ask the dealer whether you are eligible or not, and what legal rules and restriction regarding the Plan. A good dealer will give honest review for each Plan and advise you which the best Plan that can be fit your situation.


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