How to Get Weekly Car Rental Deals Fast

When browse internet, you might see that there are many weekly car rental deals. Each car rental company offers different types of military discount. Since there are too many car rental deals to be considered, we give you few tips to cut your times choosing the best deals. Have a look.

Know what you need

Four factors you need to consider when you choose car rental are the price, the type of the cars, service fees, and locations. Consider what you need the most from these four things since it is almost impossible to get all of these factors in one package. If you choose one factor, you may need to sacrifice one or two other factors. For example, if you concern with the price, the car types you could rent will be limited. If you concern with convenience, you may need to pay higher price for the convenience you seek.

Search around travel sites

Most online travel sites are partnered with car rental companies. Sometimes, these online travel sites offer special car rental deals only if you rent the car via their sites or use discount codes from them. Book the car early to get better price.

Join loyal customer program

Most car rental give more discounts for every members who often use the member card. These are special discounts which will be different from regular deals. The downside is you should rent the car as often as you can to build up points and get the best deals.

Find referral codes

Besides visiting car rental websites, you can look for referral codes from companies and car associations that you’ve been following, for example, credit card companies, supermarket, auto services, etc. These companies often give discounts and reward to keep you loyal. Therefore, take advantage their offer to get the best weekly car rental deals.


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