The launched 2017 Toyota Suv Names

In the earliest of 2017, Toyota launches their Toyota Suv Names that has already waited for automotive lovers. Toyota has known as one of best manufacture of SUV. Their SUV such as Toyota RAV4, Toyota hybrid RAV4, Toyota highlander, Toyota 4Runner and many more, are just examples of the famous and popular Toyota SUV model.  The new level of their innovation is start from Toyota RAV4 that offers new versatile seating. This Toyota SUV is sleek and crossover Toyota SUV offers the practicality and technology innovation that offer amazing ride that fit with any condition.

Toyota 4Runner is the legendary Toyota SUV in mid size 4WD. This SUV offer the new V6 and it comes into three trim level options, with trail, SR5 and the limited edition. It is available with $34.210 MSRP and the mpg rate in 17/21 est mpg.  Next popular Toyota SUV is Toyota Land Cruiser that is the original SUV from Toyota. This Toyota start MSRP is from $84.775 and the mpg level at 13/18 mpg. The V*8 engine combines with off road capability that has becomes legendary with 8 passenger capacity makes this SUV high recommended for those who want to have big SUV.

Next Toyota Sequoia becomes the perfect option for family that love to have adventure together. This is full size SUV that priced start from $45.650 and the mpg rate is at 13/17 mpg. For those who are looking to the mid size SUV from Toyota, then Toyota Highlander is available for you. This is middle size SUV with 8 passenger capacity and added with innovative safety features that perfect for family driving. The est mpg rate level is at 21/27 est mpg and the MSRP is start from $41.150. The best part from Toyota, you can make custom personalization for your Toyota SUV.

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