Various Ford Suv Names and Its Flexible Function

The development of car as the sophisticated transportation is fast. It is because of the development of era. There are so many kinds of the car type. It is from the high price and also the low prize. The one of the car type is Ford Suv Names.

Every people choose a car based on their favorite and also their needed. For the office car, they will choose fan or the formal car. While for the traveling car, they buy the sport car, like jeep, and other. While for the multitasking car, they choose Ford Car.

Ford Suv Names
Ford Car is the one kind of car that is being favorite car of many people. It is because the Ford car is the car that can be sued for carrying passenger and also the luggage. When we use it for carrying people, the Ford car can carry about 8 people. Then for carrying luggage, the seat of the car can be moved then we can use it for putting the luggage. There are many kinds of names today. They are:

  • Escape Furd

This car has the price about $23,750 and can carry about 5 people only.

  • Transit Connect Furd

This is also can carry about 7 people. The price is about $25,695.

  • Edge Furd

It is also the car that has the same ability to carry 5 people only like Escape Furd. It has $28,950, more expensive that Escape car.

  • Flex Car

It is also the Furd that can be used for carrying 7 people only. The price is about $30,025.

  • Explorer Furd

The price is $31,660 and can carry 6 up to 7 people.

This Ford car can be called as the family car. It can be called also as CUVs car. But many people like to call it SUVs car. This car is flexible. The physical performance is like sporty car that can is higher. Here are many colors of the Furd car that we can choose.

The new Ford Suv today are 2017 Escape with the availability of the intelligent access, then 2017 Transit Connect with great interior space and graphic, 2017 Edge with the Eco Boost that make this car need 2,7 Littre premium, 2017 Flex with standard Edvancetrac that will make intelligent wheel for being drive.

The Ford Suv Names car is really the best car for family car. It has the best design in every tome released. Even this car also has the future design. It can be proved from some name of the car. It is 2018 Expedition, 2018 Eco sport, and others.

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